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First time greetings

Even though it’s been more than four years since I launched this website, I hadn’t sent out a single blog, which was quite a waste of time. When I first launched the website, it was also the time when I was selected for the Kikuchi Biennale, so I could have used that as a story, but once I missed that opportunity, it was hard to start drawing. I’d like to keep updating my website as well, since I’ve started to use Instagram a lot this time.

I’ve been away from creating artworks for about a year and a half, just before the Corona period, but in the end, even if I wanted to do something else, I would have to make use of my pottery skills, so I guess making pottery and creating artworks is at the core of who I am. Just the other day, I was reading the continuation of the manga “Hajime no Ippo” (The First Step), and there was a scene in which Makuuchi, even though he had retired from boxing, became more and more involved in boxing and felt that he could do better now. While I was working at a pottery school, I was also in the position of a second, so to speak, to improve the works of the members of the school. It was like learning the basics of pottery, and I found myself deepening my theory. I also found myself deepening my theory, and more importantly, people around me told me that I should share my knowledge and knowledge more, so I started making art again.

While I was taking a break from making artworks, I received some requests to make artworks, but I could not get started and had to wait for them. I am filled with apologies and gratitude to those who persisted in waiting. I also think that the way I formulate my work will change dramatically again. I hope you will follow Inoue’s growth, including this, on this website, SNS, and at the exhibition.


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